DudhSagar – Trains, Tunnels and the Sea of Milk!

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A trip to DudhSagar waterfalls is an amazing experience that one needs to accomplish. Literally, "DudhSagar" means "Sea of Milk", which refers to the milky-white appearance of the waterfalls. Located on the border of Karnataka and Goa,  is also one of the tallest waterfalls of India.

Highlights :

  • Distance from Bengaluru : 570 km
  • Places explored : DudhSagar waterfalls
  • Mode of transport : Train
  • Type : Weekend, Nature, Sight-seeing
  • Ideal for : Friends
  • Companions : 15 friends
  • Trekking : 7km from Caranzol to Dudhsagar
  • Budget : Food (pack and parcel).

The milky white roaring waterfalls, on the lush green mountain, a train passing right beside, this sight was etched in my mind and the place was added to my travel list <3 .

We were a group of young friends, planning for a new nature adventure for a weekend. While researching, we got a handful of places and finally agreed upon Dudhsagar.

Mode of Transport

The best way to reach Dudhsagar is by train. So, brace yourselves for the train journey and book train tickets to Londa junction. From there, board a local train to reach Castel Rock (15kms trek further - 4 to 5 hours) or Caranzol (9kms trek further - 2 hours). The stops at these stations are just 1 to 2 minutes. So be ready to climb down the steep ladder of the train. (Route : Londa --> Castle Rock --> Caranzol --> DudhSagar --> Kulem)

Train journey

Trains : (Rani Chennamma Express: 16589) from Bangalore to Londa Junction OR Direct train to Castle Rock – (MAS VASCO EXP 17311) (ONLY ON FRIDAYS).

Also, there can be an unscheduled stop at DudhSagar railway stop. However, I would prefer to trek on tracks few kilometers for an amazing experience. DudhSagar station does not have the facility to book return tickets. Any return tickets to be booked at Castle Rock or Londa. While returning back, board a local train to Londa (the last train around 5pm , please enquire in the Dudhsagar station).

Items to carry

  • A good pair of walking shoes is a must : Walking on railway travel might look easy, but it might turn painful after some distance.
  • Umbrella / Raincoat : In monsoons, one can expect rain showers.
  • Torches / Mobile flash-light :  There are several dark tunnels ranging from 100m to 500m. In order to pass through them, torches are necessary.
  • Food and water : There are no stalls for food and water. Please carry your own food and lots of water.
  • Extra clothes and towels if you get into water (Note : It is dangerous to get into the main Dudhsagar waterfalls. There are several unfortunate cases happening every day. There is another small waterfall further, in which you can enjoy )
  • Plan the trip, and start trek early, so that you will catch the last train directly from Dudhsagar to Londa.
  • There are oncoming trains along the track. So please proceed carefully.


Our journey started from Bengaluru (Kempegowda) City Railway station on a Friday at 8pm. We were a big group of 15 members with huge backpacks. Tickets were booked almost 3 weeks ago. After the dinner at the station, we boarded Rani Chennamma Express at 9:15 pm . Lots of fun and conversations continued till late night.

We all were so thrilled once the sun rose the next morning. We freshened up in the train and alighted at Londa Junction at 7:30 am. There are rest rooms at Londa, one can use to change clothes or freshen up. Idli stall, which we fortunately noticed , helped us with breakfast and boosted us for trekking.

Castel Rock Old station

Upon inquiry, we were informed that a local train would start from Londa and we can get down at Caranzol and trek further 7kms. Upon boarding this train, somehow we managed to get seats. On the way, we could capture a glimpse of Castle Rock old station from the train.

Finally, the train arrived at Caranzol. Be fast and careful as the train just stops here for a minute or so.

We managed to count 15 people and started to trek at around 10 am. We made our way along the tracks to behold the beauty of DudhSagar. The lazy stroll with friends, the conversations, the sudden-born singers :P, munching fruits and snacks, the fun and laughter were enough to have a memorable time. Looking at the path , we all felt that this is no trekking and just walking 😀 , which will be so simple. Upon walking for an hour we were so tired and realized this is not just walking.


Not sooner, we noticed a tunnel and held our torches ready. It was damn dark, we followed one after the other through the tunnel. We were scared that if we would encounter a train while in the tunnel 😀 .Anyways, we sighed with a sense of success after passing the tunnel.The oncoming trains horn louder, so check this caution and proceed.


The Monsoon just now gives birth to DudhSagar but also to small waterfalls. One can notice small streams along the path. The large landscapes to the right accompanied us throughout the journey. Watch out, we found few leeches also :|.

As we move ahead, we cross a couple of tunnels and arrive at scarpment viaduct, a small but high bridge built to connect the gap in the valley. The view from here is an awe and worth cherishing 🙂

Finally,we could have a sight of DudhSagar station board from far and sighed that we reached. The falls is just a few meters from the station. All were so tired, hardly able to walk until we could hear the gushing, roaring sound of the waterfalls. This awaited sound brought smiles on our faces.

DudhSagar waterfalls - Sea of Milk

Hurray !! We reached and were amazed to witness the beauty of DudhSagar :). It truly appeared like a sea of milk. We just stood for minutes gazing at this awesome nature creation. We admired and filled our eyes with this sight. One can go down steps to touch water and have a closer view . But getting into the falls is dangerous and strictly prohibited.

Since it was already late afternoon, all were tired and hungry. We ate the packed chapatis, ketchup and jam,  just beside the falls. It was so peaceful to watch the falls and have the food. Two satisfaction at a time !!

Another waterfalls

There is another small waterfall just a few meters away. We had time and  decided to walk to that point. When reaching there, could see lots of people enjoying in the falls. We also enjoyed and had a relaxing time. After some time, we realised about the last train from DudhSagar at 5pm, which we had to board to reach back. There were also groups with tents, planned to halt around the falls.

After filling one last sight of DudhSagar in our eyes, we walked towards the DudhSagar railway station and boarded the train to reach Londa. Waiting for few hours, we boarded the train to Bengaluru with a whole bunch of memories.

Now, whenever we hear DudhSagar , the glimpse of milky white waterfalls with that roaring sound just appears in the mind and brings out a smile  to cherish 🙂

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