Kalathgiri – The Cascading waterfalls

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In the previous post , I had shared moments of trekking Mullayyanagiri (  Mullayyanagiri trek ), which rejuvenated our minds. The lush green , cool breeze everywhere, after a day of adventurous trekking, we were longing for a relaxation. What more than water, can relax you. So, we had this plan of Kalathgiri / Kalhatti waterfalls.

Kalathgiri falls is around 2hours drive from Chikmagalur (60kms). From Kemmanagundi, it is just 10kms. The place has an ancient temple of Lord Shiva (Veerabhadreshwara), situated between the rocks and the waterfalls.

We arrived at Kalathgiri and the place was full of people. The crowd was big, with lots of devotees and tourists. This disappointed few of us. We visited the temple on the other side of the falls. The temple was built in 13th century. At the entrance, there are carvings of elephants and Lord Shiva on which the falls cascades.

We noticed few people climbing the rocks and walking towards the waterfalls. We were curious and wanted to discover things. Few of us started walking and followed the people.

The rocks adjoining the temple
The rocks adjoining the temple

We thought if we go higher, streams would be crowd free. As we were climbing higher, it was more fun. The coffee plantations to the right and falls to the left, both excited us. Finally, we found a stream of water and settled to enjoy there. As a safety precaution, please do not go too high as the place becomes isolated.

Stream to enjoy :)
Stream to enjoy 🙂
The fun
The fun

Upon coming back, we had lunch. Food options are less here. It is always better to carry own food and water. The place has lots of monkeys, so do not carry any bags/eatables out.

Lots of monkeys
Lots of monkeys

Though the place is a bit crowded, it has a revitalising environment. Just a walk on the roads is peaceful.

The walking view :)
The walking view 🙂
Lord Ganesha idol on the way
Lord Ganesha idol on the way

Please do visit Kalathgiri and have a relaxing time 🙂

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