Pyramid Valley and Art of living – Rediscover Inner peace

The quieter you become, the more you hear. Yes!! Between all these adventurous journeys of life, there were invisible walls in my mind I wanted to crack. This drive towards inner peace needed a calm and spiritual place, off the city to embrace the incoming thoughts. Upon checking out, my friend suggested me two such places – Pyramid Valley and Art of living.

I mostly include my parents, when I visit religious and spiritual places. They do enjoy them. After visiting Omkar hills, we had the whole afternoon and evening with us. Just suggested my parents on visiting these two places. Kudos to their energy and we were set to drive to Pyramid Valley via Kanakapura road. Although Art of living is nearer, we scheduled it to the evening as there would be beautiful lightings and great view.

Pyramid Valley

Pyramid valley is the best meditation centre I have visited so far. It has been a centre for promoting pyramid energy, self-realization and spiritual science. Pyramid Valley is situated 30kms from Omkar hills via Kanakapura road. Please use Google maps, we missed a left turn and drove further as there was no sign board. It was almost afternoon, we sipped tender coconut water on the way and entered a small village. A further drive showed us a beautiful entry to Pyramid valley.


The place is an absolute abode of calmness. As we entered, we could feel the presence of inner peace. The whole atmosphere is well maintained. We parked our vehicles and glanced at the map to check out the places inside.

A man made waterfall and Buddha statue caught our attention

For first time visitors, there is an introduction to meditation and spirituality. This would take 5 mins and they would explain the importance and benefits of meditation and how to attain it. However, we skipped it and set to explore ourselves.

Brief Introduction centre for first-time visitors – Loved these type of hut and Worli art
A Guide map for visiting the Pyramid Valley. Take a snap and start to explore !!

As we started walking, We noticed an Amphitheatre and Mahatma Gandhi lake. A huge Gandhi statue in the middle of the lake looked great. The lake was dried up! Nevertheless, the view was a great greenery around.

Huge state of Mahatma Gandhi

The roads looked so serene as though they paved the way to heaven. The greenery around was a bliss to live with. At a farther sight, we noticed a huge pyramid – Maitreya Buddha pyramid. It is

A view of Maitreya Buddha Pyramid

A nice observation made me realise that the four sides of the pyramid indicated the sources of energy. I could relate to magnetic energy, and rest of them I need to connect to.

Views of four sides of pyramid


As I entered the Pyramid, a sense calmness embraced me. I could feel the energy it accumulated. The whole structure is 160ft x 160ft at base and 102ft in height. It was vast inside with several people meditating towards self-realisation.

In the middle of the Pyramid, there is a staircase which leads to King’s chamber, at 1/3rd height. This is the highest energy point of the Pyramid, wherein all the energy from sun converge and gives three times more effective meditation power. Pyramid Energy is another interesting science essence which I’m still exploring. A lady whispered and helped us in seating and guided us to meditate for 10mins. It was so peaceful and relaxed us to the core.

Inside Pyramid, I noticed beautiful mural arts of Buddha and spirituality. Photography is prohibited here .However, I managed to click below snaps. Sorry for that 😛

Mural of Resting Buddha
Beautiful Mural arts


As I exited the Pyramid with a sense of relaxation, A beautiful Bamboo bridge across a lake captured my sight. The hanging bird feeders along the bridge welcomed birds around.

Bamboo Bridge


As I crossed the bridge, passed by the guesthouses, A peaceful Buddha statue captured my eyes. He looked divine and calm seated on a lotus in a small pond.

Buddha statue


The surrounding area had a well maintained lawn. Many families, old couples and friends were here to relax and spend a quality time. It is a total retreat to spirituality buff. It soothes mind and leads to happy living.

We were hungry by the end of this. On enquiry, there will be free lunch offered here everyday at 1pm to 2pm. We were late, but there is also a paid cafeteria which quenched our hunger. The cafeteria was pretty good with reasonable rates.

We wanted to visit Art of living for the evening lighting. So we departed from here and on the way I could get some glimpses of village life and atmosphere.

Cranes on the way
Sericulture seemed to a part of occupation in this surrounding

Art of Living

We travelled back to Art of living at 5 pm. It took us around 30 mins and is located in the Kanakapura main road. The place is an ashram run by Sri Ravishankar Guruji promoting social values. I could spot lots of tourists including foreigners. Though the place is beautiful and serene, I personally felt it’s too commercialised. I just captured very few pictures here. The best part was the Vishalakshi mantap – A huge hall to address public gatherings and Guru Padhukam – A open theatre with guru padhuka, soothing waterfalls and beautiful lightings.

Vishalakshi mantap
Open theatre – Guru Padhukam
Lighting of Vishalakshi mantap
Beautiful lightings at Guru Padhukam

Soon it was evening 6 pm, time to head to back home. It was a memorable day to cover four different places around Bengaluru. As a family, we came back memories to cherish for the lifetime and a new angle to divinity. Personally, I felt Meditation is the best way to purify and rejuvenate our minds. What do u say??

Meditation, because some questions cannot be answered by Google !!!

Visiting tips:

  • Pyramid Valley and Art of living are situated off Kanakapura road, are close by 18 to 20kms. Both can be covered on a single day.
  • Timings of Pyramid valley: 7 am to 7 pm, Art of living: 9 am to 8 pm.
  • I would suggest to visit Pyramid Valley first and Art of living in the evening after 5 pm to witness beautiful lightning
  • No entry tickets. However, parking is charged.
  • Free food served in Pyramid Valley from 1pm to 2pm. Also, a decent cafeteria is present with reasonable price.
  • Please maintain silence and cleanliness in both places.
  • Try to meditate for 10 mins in Pyramid Valley and feel a difference 🙂

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