10 reasons why everyone should travel !

Most humans crave routine. It keeps us efficient, organised and ultimately comfortable. Too much routine for too long makes us numb. It’s hard to notice things you see every day, hard to challenge yourself with all the things you do over and over.

Breaking the routine – making yourself uncomfortable – is key to learning, to feeling more alive, and to being receptive. It wakes you up.

Travel is a good way to make all this happen. Find out how :

1. Refresh your mind

jet-ski-1125328_1920   You don’t get bored from the daily life ? Sometimes you think that’s the limit you can’t take anymore. if you are getting this kind of feeling you need a break. Refresh your mind. Go somewhere you don’t know.you will regain your energy by this.leave your cellphone at home. just take your camera. and start to discover new things.

2. Discover who you are

woman-591576_1920   Travelling can be great for self discovery. All the challenges and opportunities travel lays at your feet help you discover who you are in a way that’s only possible on the road. It helps you in appreciating the present moment for what it is instead of worries of past and future.

3. New Experience

wanderer-455338_1920 Travelling is the best way to have new experiences. Be it a beach walk, exploring the nature, go out on an adventurous trek, a water boat ride or enjoying the climate. Every time, travelling opens up huge options and thrills us with new experiences

4. Learn Cultures

color-300343_1920 Travelling to a new place helps in exploring new cultures, traditions and history. You get to see the people how they live, food habits, language and this is sharing of culture. It gives you an opportunity to adapt to people  It helps to broaden your mind and vision.

5. Food

food-577222_1920 One of the advantages of travelling is to discover the food related to the place and culture. This helps you to feed your taste buds. The Khakras of North to Masala Dosa of South, each of them has an origin and flavour. Go and find out the best ones.

6. Face your Fear

divers-668777_1920 Face the fear. You afraid from water go for River rafting, go for underwater diving.You afraid from Heights Do bungee Jumping , Sky dive. Giant Swing. Try any of this . you will see the thing like Fear doesn’t exist in your world.

7. Appreciate Nature

butterfly-404731_1920 It also helps us in appreciating nature. The chirping sounds of the birds, the songs of the rivers, the howling of animals, the adventurous mountains we might just miss it all if it was not for travel. You learn to appreciate true beauty because of travelling.

8. Strengthens Bonding

people-650536_1280 It helps in deepening our bond, our connection with our family members, our friends. We all have our favourite holidays and trips that we will never forget. It helps to know about your friends and family. Travelling creates meaningful relationships.

9. Memories

photo-256887_1920 Travelling will help you make some beautiful memories. It helps in creating wonderful memories together . With modern technology, you can relive your holidays as many times as you want. When you are 75 years old, you are talking to your grand Children. you are showing them the photographs. without travelling making these memories is impossible.

10. Waste a bit of money

coins-1523383_1920 Yeah, you read it right waste some money.Go to the places which you dream about. Learn new things, learn new languages,fall in love with yourself, don’t wait in your life do it now. Complete your crazy dreams. Nobody is gonna ask you after 30 years, what car you had in the past, how much money you have invested in the daughter  wedding. The only thing you will have after 30 years is the memories you have made. Hence waste some money on travelling.

There’s a whole world out there. Get off your chairs and go explore 🙂

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