Sand Sculpture Museum – Creative art with sand

Sand Sculpture Museum at Mysore. You might be wondering, Mysore doesn’t have a beach.. and Sand Museum.. ??. Yes, you are right !! 😀 This Sand museum is not on any beach, but on a plain land protected from sun and rain. This is a unique Sand Sculpture museum, which would definitely attract an art lover. The sculptures depict on Mysore heritage, religion, public awareness, mythology, education and emotions.


Sand Museum – The entrance


The more astonishing fact is that this sand castle is a dream of a young artist M N Gowri. She is a graduate in Master of Fine Arts and passionate about sculpting. Using 115 trucks of sieved construction sand and taking 5 months to create these huge 3D sculptures with 16 themes and 150 sculptures totally. The artist mentions she has used just sand, water and glue (for vertical compositions) for sculpting. The sculptures require maintenance using insecticides and herbicides on regular basis.

Kudos to her patience and this distinctive passion! The whole museum is maintained by M N Gowri supported by her family. Mysore, being the most visited place , now includes this Sand Museum as a tourist attraction.

The array of sand sculptures under the same roof as we walked:


The 15ft Lord Ganesha sculpture welcomed us



Goddess Chamundeshwari – deity of Wodeyars
Dasara procession –  a feast to eyes 🙂
The King : Shrikantadatta Wodeyar
Zodiac wheel – Finest of its type



Gitopadesha – Arjuna and Sri Krishna on the chariot
Ancient Civilization – I could recognize Egyptian and Mesopotamian
The Marine world – Wow beautifully sculpted
Bird feeders and nest surrounding the sculptures
Islam culture
Disney Land !!
Flea market

We could notice a game of archery for adults (INR 30) and game for kids (INR 20).  It’s a peaceful place to have an evening walk and retreat yourself with art.

These sculptures have a lot of hard work  behind them. I hope the passion of M N Gowri would continue. With this, I’ll depart you and please pay a visit her while on the way to Chamundi hills. It would take 20 mins of your time and a memorable walk.

Visiting tips:

  1. The museum is on the main road (to the left) on the way to Chamundi hills.
  2. The place is open on all days from 8am to 6:30pm. Great go!!
  3. The entry fee is INR 40 per head. Completely pocket-friendly. I guess it is free for children. Check once!!
  4. No charges on photography. We can click as many pictures as we can 😛
  5. Enjoy the art and please maintain cleanliness.

More posts on Mysore to follow. Keep exploring ! 🙂 

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