Udupi Sri Krishna Matha [Udupi trip Part-1]

” Unplanned Trips are the BEST !!! “

The sudden plan

Last Thursday, Pradeep pinged me to plan for a trip as Rocky was leaving to Germany. On the other hand, Rocky had to visit Udupi to meet his relatives. So I just popped an idea that how about all of us visiting Udupi, which would be like hitting two birds with one stone 😛 A quick call to the group, soon  Pradeep, Rocky, Tharun, Shwetha were ready for this last minute trip. Rocky booked 5 tickets to Udupi the same night. We just had 24 hours of time with office errands, nobody had a clue what we would be exploring in Udupi.

The Journey

Friday night, Bangalore drenched with heavy rains and huge traffic. The bus arrived two hours late. We boarded the bus at 12:30am in midnight. We were happy to see each other. After talking for a while, we were all tired and soon we fell asleep.

Next morning, a beam of sunlight through the bus window woke me up. A sense of curiosity, I peeped through the window. It was 6:15am early morning. The sun had just rose. We were in Mangalore and it was drizzling. The Malnad homes with full of greenery brought a smile and a humming tune on my mind. This feeling of happiness is what drives me to the Western Ghats.

Sweet home

Around 9am, we got down from the bus at NH66 Brahmavar near Udupi to visit Shwetha’s estate. We started walking in the green paths of her estate. A wide gate and tall trees welcomed us. A small stream of water running and a bridge across it. Beautiful ! A 5mins walk inside, and she pointed out her home.

Sweet home
Colourful garden

The colourful garden surrounding the home and a deep well. What a location to live in! Her parents, grandfather and grandmother were eagerly waiting to see us. We greeted them followed by a small intro. She showed us her sweet home and took us to terrace. The view from the terrace is still a memorable one.

Paddy fields everywhere

Lush green paddy fields, tall coconut trees, lovely flowers from the garden, a stream, morning breeze. We sipped on a hot coffee with a view like this.

At 12pm, we were all set to explore the surrounding places. We started out with Shwetha’s car towards Agumbe. The first place we stopped by was Udupi Sri Krishna Matha.

Udupi Sri Krishna matha

Krishna temple entrance

Sri Krishna temple in Udupi is well known for its religious significance. Thousands of devotees visit this temple all year to seek blessings of Lord Krishna. The main reason being the statue of Sri Krishna was installed by the great saint Madhwacharya. He is a social reformer of the 13th century who founded Astha matha and Dvaita school of Vedanta. A statue of Madhwacharya is located inside temple premises.

Krishna matha
Madhwa Sarovara

The idol of Krishna was beautifully decorated with jewels. Lord Krishna looked elegant in Mathsya avatar (Fish form). Each day the idol will represent an avatar of Krishna. The view to the Garbagriha is through a window with nine holes –  Navagraha Kitiki. The temple premises is filled with spirituality. It’s an abode of education, learning, social and religious activities in Udupi.

Kanakana Kindi

Another attraction of this temple is Kanakana Kindi. There is a small story behind this tradition. During the 13th century, An ardent devotee of Lord Krishna – Kanakadasa, came to Udupi temple. As he belonged to a low caste, he was not allowed to enter the temple based on the caste system. He was disappointed, stood outside and started praising Lord Krishna with his prayers and songs.


Lord Krishna was deeply pleased by the devotion of Kanakadasa. The Lord Krishna idol turned right back to give darshan to Kanakasa through a temple hole. This hole is known as Kanakana Kindi. The Navagraha Kitiki directly points to Kanakana Kindi. There is also Goshala inside the temple premises, which had numerous cows maintained well. The temple offers delicious free meals, which is mainly Shivalli Brahmin style. Though the place is crowded, its worth a visit.


Kaniyuru matha
Beautiful wall paintings
Cultural programme in temple premises

Disappointment of Jomlu Theertha

In half an hour we toured the temple. The next nearby place appeared to be Jomlu Theertha falls. We reached the spot, unfortunately entering the wildlife and falls was restricted. The place looked isolated. We asked few localites, they said we can still go. We parked the car and started walking. Its a part of forest wildlife area and some sounds were really scary. Our friends started scaring us more telling it might be a bear !! 😛 At some point, a forest officer, came on a bike and warned us to go back. We requested him, but no luck. We were disappointed as we were just a few meters away from the falls. We had to head back and pay the fine of 400Rs 😐 Jomlu theertha falls plan ended up being a flop show. All falls including Kudlu theertha were restricted due to heavy rains.


We missed this falls – Jomlu Theertha falls – https://www.karnataka.com/udupi/jomlu-theertha-falls/

Everything happened after this was mindblowing, We just loved the way we travelled. Browsing google maps and nearby places on the way was the only choice left 😀 The next destination we explored was Karkala. Stay tuned for my further posts on Udupi.

Visting tips

  • This is an ancient temple with religious significance. The temple is open for public from 5am to 9:30pm
  • It is situated within the 5kms range from Udupi Bus stand and Udupi Railway station.
  • The place is well connected with roads and can be reached via all modes of transport.
  • Ethnic dress code is preferred when visiting the temple.
  • Please maintain cleanliness and silence inside the temple premises.

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